Last Night's Party: A Win for Everyone (Except the Losers)


On paper 4 matches on a Wednesday night doesn't seem like the best idea. Yet somehow almost everyone but the losing teams had something go right last night. D.C. United finally collected a few points. FC Dallas won it's first match of the year. Danny Allsopp went hard, scoring the first-ever MLS goals for the only place on the planet that is an island, a continent and a nation. And the Galaxy still couldn't lose even though they were playing in a stadium that they have never won in before.

The only people who made out better than these guys were the fans. For us, we got a mid-week orgy of domestic soccer riches that was more than enough to keep us from suffering the indignity of watching another episode of Cougar Town out of sheer boredom; let's face it, Wednesday night TV hasn't been the same since Lost moved to Tuesdays. The attendance may have been miserable but for those of us on the couch Wednesday was pure pleasure.


Justin said...

I had to stream all of the games. I wonder if that is counted anywhere as far as viewership? I know the number is probably minimal, but after the crowds in DC and Colorado...everything counts.

Jrodius said...

You gotta give it up to Modern Family though. Still one good show on Wednesday nights...