Kevin Alston and Darius Barnes on Child Rearing

In which we find the KA and DB espousing the virtues of keeping your child enjoying a leash-free lifestyle. They also show off their ridiculous skills in the area of fake gold detection.


Guy Gayle said...

Spoken like someone who never had a kid.

When do these fools come to San Jose? I'll look him in the eye and tell him.


(Dad of 19 month old twin girls with leashes.)

Brian said...

How hard is it to hold your kid's hand? Push a stroller? Carry them? Jesus Christ. My mom had 3 kids in 3 years, went through the airport all the time with us, and never put us on a leash.

I'm never gonna put my kids on a goddamn leash.

Guy Gayle said...

Brian, did yo mama give you that potty mouth too?

Alan said...

It looks like Khano Smith is doing his impression of how he played for RBNY.

I don't care if kids are on a leash or not. I just want them to be absolutely effin silent when they are on the damn plane!!!