I Want to Be Wrong About This: Gooch as Boobie Miles

Remember when Friday Night Lights was a book? OK for those of you too young to remember books, Friday Night Lights was a movie based on something called a book before it became a largely unrelated TV series.

Anywho, there was a dude in the book/movie with the completely awesome name Booby Miles. Dude was the baddest running back in high school football. IIRC it was the second game of the season and he blew his knee out. Dude took some time off, tried to come back but things just weren't the same. The first time he tried to cut on someone like he used to...pow, pain.

Now I'm not comparing the injuries, just that Bobby Blue Eyes may be putting Gooch in too soon and the big man can't/won't/might be scared to jump like he used to. I mean you saw that goal, right? I hope, hope, HOPE I'm wrong about this one but damn if it didn't look like my dude wasn't quite ready for prime-time last night.


Mingo said...

My man, you're not the only one out there worried sick after seeing that play. He did go 65 minutes, but there are very important physical and mental questions that need to be answered. :(

I don't want to lose the Gooch in the WC, AUGH!

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who saw this guy with his arm around goochs shoulder. he obviously cudn't jump and that side was signifanctly lower than his other. he was held down, shud have been a free kick

JL said...

^^ Nope, he knew where the ball was going and should be confident enough - because he's a big man - to head that ball out.

I'm pretty sure this was his first game since he blew that knee.

BB chose him for respect, and because he seems to be the only tall guy in the back.

I hope he gets over his fears soon.

noddables said...

i remember books.