Herculez Gomez Draws Crowd at Chivas USA Practice

I'm not putting Kool Herc on the same level as Brand Beckham (though I would like very much to do that one day) but I think the last time a guy who was just training --not trialing-- with a team was when Becks was training with Arsenal a few years ago. If goes to South Africa it's going to be one hell of a story, almost as good as if CD9 goes.


Shel said...

I like him. Gomez seems motivated and confident, but still humble.

Kaiser said...

WOW! Never thought I would see him in a Chivas USA uniform, especially since he owned them when he was a Galaxy player. Oh and there was that incident with the blow-up doll Chivas girl...the Riot Squad know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

Ah, how times have changed. Live in the past, Galaxy fans. Herc is only "training" with Chivas USA, so don't get butt hurt like you usually do.
There are other teams in the MLS, you know.
GAP(Galaxy Are Putos)president

Brian said...

@Anon, all I got to say is top of the league motherf**ker!

Kaiser said...

Happy you got elected president of your little a$$clown club...I'm sure you're parents are very proud.

There are other teams in the league, but I'm just suprised Herc picked Chivas to train with...any other one (KC, Colorado, Columbus, Houston, etc.) and frankly I wouldn't care...just hate those damn goats!

Oh, and like Brian said, top of the league...PUTO!