Guess What? I'm at Camp!

Not the kind of camp where you end up having your first sexual experience. USMNT camp. And no, I didn't get called up. I'll be out in Princeton most of the week doing my thing for the j.o.b. while the Yanks are doing their thing.

So far it's been interesting; the usual faces for both the team and the press corp are around and there is loads of backslapping and catching up on the pitch and in the press pen. So while you await my next transmission, here's a look at the reunion at the team hotel when player's first started showing up. And, yes, it does sound like Tim Howard has gone "scouse".


sambo said...

There was a helluva lot of Red, White, Blue in that room.


(Or perhaps more appropriately from the video, the United States of Swoosh)

Anonymous said...

Wow starting at the 1:06 part I did not realize how big Guzan was. his guns are huge!