Do What You Have to Do to Get to NY Next Weekend. You Won't Regret It.


As if next weekend couldn't get any more ridiculous for Gotham-area footie freaks, the annual AdiCup tournament (formerly known as Fanatic) is slated for next Saturday, May 22nd. If you've never been it's an orgy of BBQ, music and some of the most crushingly fashionable soccer-types NYC has to offer.

This year's pool of competitors includes teams from Vice, The Fader, Complex Magazine, Chinatown SC and a whole slew of other places that you would love to work at. It will also have Heineken by the boatload, DJ Neil Armstrong on the cut and the UEFA Champions League final on an outdoor big screen overlooking the Hudson River.

So to recap it's RBNY v. Columbus at Red Bull Arena on Thursday night, AdiCup at Pier 40 & the sold out Czech Republic v. Turkey at Red Bull Arena on Saturday, and RBNY v. Juventus on Sunday afternoon. It's almost obscene isn't it?


Jamie said...

I've always thought The Krauts would make a good band name.

Jared said...

GDI, why does next week have to be the week of glory for soccer in NYC???? Have to go to CA for a funeral (scheduled a month and a half after the fact too!), and thus miss out on the RBNY, The AdiCup, my sweeeeeet tix for Turkey vs Petr Cech, AND the Old Lady. AAAAAAARGHHHHHHH.

Alan said...

How does one schedule a funeral in advance?

I wish RB can pick up some of this footie-freak attendance.

Clayton John said...


I would hardly call Juventus playing in RBA "the week of glory". The only thing that is going to happen is a bunch of gudios and kids who have never been to Italy are going to run around and scream "forza juven!". And if one of our boys gets hurt, I swear to God I'm gonna flip...

Teddie Boy Eddie said...


There was a band called Kraut. They were a great old NYC hardcore band. They even had a video for their song "Twisted" on MTV when MTV was brand new.

One of the bands I was in played with them several years ago at CBGBs when they re-united. They still sounded awesome.