The Daily, May 6th

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Simon Borg sits next to me in my hovel-cum-disused A/V closet-cum-office. Did you know he's from Malta? Did you know that he's a total instigator who grilled Charlie Davies on the phone this morning? Did you know that he knows a lot about 80's wresting icons? It's true. He also knows a bit about footie so listen to what he has to say in The Daily.


ERic said...

What is it with Maltese popping up everywhere? There's one near the top of the USSF D2 scoring ladder. That island only has a population of 400k.

Anonymous said...

in that charlie davies interview he was WAY too invasive. some things shouldnt be accessible to the public and should stay private within the organization. he not only asked those questions but he also was so negative. it was like he was trying to imply to CD9 that there was absolutely no chance for him to make it. i lost respect for him

vik said...

i agree anon, pretty classless. That said, knowing Charlie, those insinuations just pumped him up. I want this guy to talk to CD9 just b4 every WC game; and yes, I am hoping like hell he makes the squad.