AdiCup 2010 Happened. It Was Good Times.

Once a summer, the creative class of New York City comes together at Pier 40 for what has to be one the most achingly fashionable sporting events in America: AdiCup.

Now in its 9th year, the annual amateur soccer tournament --formerly known as Fanatic-- put together by Adidas has become a mainstay of the city’s downtown-social calendar and routinely draws a large & lively crowd that’s as hip as any that the LES has to offer. It is also as soccer savvy as your average Saturday morning pub mob; think Nevada Smith’s-meets-Barney’s Co-Op and you’re on the right track.

I checked out this year’s installment last Saturday and it stuck to the established template of soccer, beer, BBQ and beats by DJ Neil Armstrong –Jay-Z’s touring DJ whose seamless segues between Jigga and Daft Punk kept the crowd on their feet throughout the afternoon. And if your feet (or any other body part) started to ache there was a team of masseuses on-site to rub you down as you enjoyed the UEFA Champions League final on the big-screen while snacking on complimentary ice cream sandwiches. And did I mention that everybody was sexy as hell (except for Mary-Kate Olsen and a certain chunky, married guy whose name will not be named but his initials are "SF").

But while the perks were perfect, the real draw was the soccer. With 28 teams representing everything from taste-making magazines (Complex, The Fader, Vice) to tasty eateries (La Esquina, Freemans) there was enough futbol to overwhelm even the most heavily-afflicted soccer addict. Often times there were 3 games going at once, occupying all of the parking garage-cum-riverfront soccer park’s fields. And with a trip to the 2010 World Cup final on the line, these weren’t your average pick-up games; not only was there real skill on display but a real sense of urgency when teams fell behind –none of these broke artist-types wanted to give up their shot at a trip to South Africa.

All-in-all AdiCup 2010 was a perfect afternoon of springtime decadence for the Gotham footie fanatic. If there is a soccer heaven, this may well be it. Too bad it'll be another year before it happens again.


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