AC St. Louis: This Joke Isn't Funny Anymore


Can I make a recommendation? Yes? Good. You should buy an AC St. Louis pint glass today and I'll give you four reasons why.
  1. It's Friday. And Friday night is alright for pints.
  2. At $25 a pop it's such a big F-U to sensible shopping during a recession that you kind of have to buy it or the economic terrorists have won.
  3. They could really use the cash.
  4. They may soon be collector's items.
Now let me say that it sucks to see any soccer team in America --let alone a pair in the same city-- on the brink of folding and it serves as a sharp reminder that even though we've made a lot of progress we still have a ways to go. It is also sad that people & players (allegedly) might not get paid; Claude Anelka needs his paper y'all (although whether or not that 1-5-1 coach deserves one is another matter altogether).

But if there is anything at all positive about the situation it is that maybe this will serve as a reality check to the "St. Louis deserves an MLS team"-brigade. The 'Lou may have the history, but it doesn't have that dollar. The past only pays the bills if you are Michael Jackson and you own The Beatles catalog.


Lucas said...

Say Hi to the Aviators for me.

Anonymous said...

Man I can't tell if you don't like St. Louis.........