AC St. Louis Mascot First Real Fallout from the Demise of Nelly's Career


AC St. Louis is rapidly becoming the funniest thing in American soccer since Dwight Schrute was in those Nike ads a few years ago. In an uncomfortable comedy move that Michael Scott would surely approve of, fans of the team have dubbed an unofficial mascot "Chickenhead"; there is even a Facebook page dedicated to this "OMFG are you kidding me" achievement. America, this would have never happened if Nelly were still relevant.

So, to recap they:
  1. are coached by Claude Anelka
  2. hold their pre-game show in a local Hooters with waitresses as the hosts
  3. have a mascot Bill Clinton would approve of
  4. are a joke.
But who am I to talk? I support a team named after a soft drink.

[H/T River Front Times]


Anonymous said...

please tell us what you really think

Morry said...
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Morry said...

"But who am I to talk? I support a team naked after a soft drink."

what is on your mind this morning?

how can you not mention that in their first match ever one player forgot his ID and they played a man down for 30 minutes while said player returned to the hotel to get ID?

JIM said...

Also they drink my dog's piss. Sad downriver freaks.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AC St. Louis, soccer's Reno 911.

Super Rookie said...

St. Louis recycles my urine into Bud Light.

NSC Minnesota!

Kings of the Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Radio show in Rochester said AC St. Louis and Baltimore are bankrupt and the other teams are supporting them the rest of the year. Surprised?

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