Whitecaps Foster Home Coming Along Nicely


Remember that super-swell temporary stadium that 2011 MLS debutante Vancouver is having built for the Whitecaps? It's under construction and basically the stadia equivalent of a trailer home yet already looking better than what's poppin' right now in certain unnamed MLS cities. First they get free health care & Evangeline Lilly, then the Olympics and now this? B.C. has got it all don't they?

I said it before and I'll say it again: can someone send this place down to Lew Wolff's land in San Jose when they are done with it? Or can San Jose just build one of these? At only $14.4 million it's kind of a steal made of steel.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff. Any idea they didn't just upgrade the current home for the whitecaps?

Brian said...

They play in the temporary location (Empire Fields) for part of 2011 then move into BC Place Stadium, and then they still have plans to move into a new waterfront stadium around 2016 or so, right? Sounds like a good plan to me, except for the turf at Empire and BC Place.

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There aren't thing most amazing that your team is building a new stadium to enjoy your sport.

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I can't understand whhy this stadium is not ready yet, I mean, I've heard about it is under construction since 2007 or something like that.