VIdeo: Rogo Meets Lando

I slept on this last week but FSC went over to Lando's place --not the same place he had when he was with Bianca and on Cribs-- to talk Everton, MLS, CBA and other things that Mark Rogondino felt like talking about. You should watch it solely because it beats whatever you are supposed to be doing at work right now.

Shame he doesn't invite me over though; I'd bring a bottle of my finest homemade hooch, FIFA10, some ostrich jerky and The History of Soccer DVD boxset and we'd chill and talk trash. Then after we'd discussed all there was to about the game we'd hit up In-N-Out for a couple of Animal Styles*. Call me cousin, let's get it in.

*Really it' all about getting that In-N-Out. I'm down with Lando but I really just want the burger & fries.

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Vik said...

Does there exist an athlete who answers questions in a more straight forward fashion than Donovan?