Video: The Panel Discussion at Niketown This A.M.

Happy late morning to you all. Sorry for the delay in posting but I just got back from Niketown for the unveiling of the new home U.S. kit which you've probably already seen on the interwebs. As is now customary for The Swoosh, the event was slick and their were a couple of good hooks to get the non-fashion writers out there for clothing-related event. There were also a few historical kits and warm-up tops for the soccer nerds like me and a giant, scary Clint Dempsey ready to eat Manhattan.

For this occasion the hooks were Eric Wynalda, Bobby Blue Eyes and one of the O.G. England killers, Mr. Walter Bahr. Before breaking off for brief 1v1 interviews the three men (along with Nike's Global Football Creative Director Phil Dickenson) participated in a panel discussion with Wynalda acting as moderator. Here it is uncut and decidedly unfancy but I just thought that some of you who couldn't be there would appreciate seeing it.

Some of the bit's at the beginning with only Waldo and Bradley are a little stiff and schilly but it get's much more entertaining when Mr. Bahr joins them on stage. The old-schooler is hilarious. I wish he was my grand dad except for the fact that he'd probably from upon my wine intake (watch the video, you'll get what I'm talking about).

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Anonymous said...

i gotta get that jacket. dope city!!!