There is a Good Chance That I May Not Be Cool With the World Cup


See that truck above? It's a prop from the film District 9, which is a great piece of art/paranoid, sci-fi goodness. See this truck below? It's a riot control vehicle on what is effectively a forced residency camp in South Africa and there is nothing good about it.


Read this article from France24 about "Blikkiesdorp", a place with an eery resemblance to the fictional alien shantytown of D9 and residents who call it a "concentration camp." I'm serious, read the whole damn thing. Or read this piece from The Guardian. When I say this makes me not even want to watch the World Cup it's not hyperbole. I don't know about you but there's no way I'm going to feel good about people being treated so poorly in the name of the game I love.

How FIFA as an organization can keep their hands totally clean on something like this I will never know. Certainly makes you question the sincerity of the organization's humanitarian efforts when you haven't seen any public opposition or condemnation of a forced housing camp being created for the benefit of their signature event. Disappointing to say the least.


vik said...

shady stuff:


Jason said...

when the world cup came to dallas the city cleaned out the shanty town/homeless coin drop under 30. this is a few steps further.

Kea said...

Jesus that sucks. I just don't understand how people can treat other people like they truly are animals, it just doesn't make sense, but it seems to happen all the time.

Brian said...

Disturbed by this, but certainly not surprised. It is FIFA after all.

Dillon said...

The South African government are the ones to be blamed not Fifa. Fifa did not buy that thing or pay the guys who operate it.

Screen said...


And you can expect the same in Brazil as well.

Alan said...

That is really, reslly f**king disturbing!

How many times does the slogan 'Never Again' have to be said before we actually can say it has not happened again??