Tattoo Talk With Danny Califf

Danny Califf has some really nice tattoo work. Dude's got one full sleeve and a second one that I will call PPL Park because it's under construction but still looks pretty cool. He's also got a few family pieces on his torso as well that you usually can't see because for whatever reason FIFA mandates players wear some form of shirt while playing. I imagine that the rule is in place to keep Frankie Hejduk in check but it is Danny, Santino Qauranta, and Becks that are paying the price for it.


Cindy said...

it's a stupid mandate! repeal! repeal! haha

i'm more impressed by Danny's hair for some reason

Croos Tattoo said...

No Cindy you did not see his tattoo really. I am impressed by his choices for tattoo.

xl pharmacy said...

He is a really cool dude, he got some amazing tattoos.