Redheads: Dying Off Quicker Than Dallas Fans


According to a study released by National Geographic, some experts believe that redheads could be extinct by 2060. Shame that is. While Julianne Moore does not make the list (although she does make another, non-sporting list that I will not mention here), here's a countdown of the six greatest ginger's in MLS history. Why six? Why not?








Jared said...

If Julianne Moore isn't in the world, what is the point of even living?

I could do without his ginger majesty though.

loff said...

As a ginger, I am very concerned about this. I guess I will have to procreate with Julianne Moore to make sure it doesn't happen...

Vik said...

Wow, Lalas' pic hits you like an orange beach ball in the face.

Dillon said...

I have got red hair. This makes no sense to me. If I knock up a girl with red hair or better yet marry her and do it a few times, then there is a high chance there will be a kid with red hair. If the kid lives to be 40 or 50 they disprove National Geographic's hypothesis.