RBNY Wanted Zach Shilawski Ahead of Tim Ream?

Here's an interesting bit from the latest episode of Inside the SuperDraft. It's Erik Soler & the RBNY brain trust debating who to take with their second pick. Ritchie Williams was thinking of nabbing Zach Schilawski at #14 and taking a gamble on getting Tim Ream at #18 (which is when New York eventually took him). But New England ended up with Schilawski as the #9 pick and New York took Austin da Luz at #14.

Sure, RBNY could have used Schilawski's hat trick last weekend against Chivas but my early, small-sample size, gut feeling is that Ream was a better choice for them. For me the question is why not take Ream at #14 instead of taking the gamble on him being available later? Was da Luz that hot of a commodity?

Either way, I'm loving this series. My boys Jason, Scott & Dan knocked it out with this one. Stay tuned for episode 3...coming soon to a browser near you.


tfina said...

#14? Given the pre-draft buzz, they probably could have nabbed him around Jeff Parke territory. Third round at highest.

Of course, that speaks more towards the English mindset that is still prevalent in the American soccerview then actual talent but that's for another day

Cindy said...

Ream had a bad combine, word was no one was sweating him enough to grab him anywhere before RBNY did, either way, RBNY is definitely better off with a solid backline after last year's wreck.