RBNY Allegedly Close to Signing Luke "Rap Sheet" Rodgers


So word on the street is that RBNY is trying to make an 11th hour move for Notts County striker Luke Rodgers before the MLS transfer window closes on April 15th. If you've never heard of him you'd be forgiven as he's spent the bulk of his career in the English lower divisions playing for the likes of Shrewsbury Town, Port Vale and the mighty Yeovil Town.

I'd never heard of him either until his name popped up on the MLS transfer gossip mill but from what I've gathered via Metrofanatic and Google searches he's played 335 games and scored 105 goals for an impressive career strike rate of 0.31; so far in 2009/10 he's grabbed 10 goals in 37 games for Notts County.

That's a pretty nice strike rate for sure. He's also got an impressive police record as well. See below:
  • Arrested in January 2002 after allegedly assaulting a Hartlepool United defender in a car park.
  • Ordered to carry out 100 hours community service and pay £5,000 in compensation for misfiring a firework into someone's face outside a pub in October 2002.
  • Issued an "adult caution for public order offense" while driving in April 2009.
  • Arrested following a post-match bar fight in Nottingham in October 2009.
Now to be fair (as our man Brian Lewis points out), he did score a hat trick earlier in the day prior to that last episode so we have that to consider. Basically dude could be the new Vinnie Jones since Vinnie Jones isn't even being Vinnie Jones anymore. He's certainly no "hardened crim" but Lord knows America loves a hard man; he may come for the soccer, but he'll stay for a co-starring role in a John Cena film.


Jay said...

Well, in FM 2007 he made a fine League 1 striker. In reality he couldn't even cut it for Crewe Alexandra. I do love me some Crewe, but let's be serious here.

Anonymous said...

Baddest man in MLS???

WellyPie said...

The move baffles me to be honest.


ThisIsVictorKim said...

"Lord knows America loves a hard man"

charlieee said...

He has never been jailed, good research! :s