Random Thoughts From D.C.-Philly

You may not have seen much of them during the FSC broadcast, but D.C. was out in force down in Philly this weekend. Outfitted in more red & black than a typical beefeaters convention, the Screaming Eagles, Barra Brava and assorted other United fans rolled deep into the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot with the amount of buses ferrying them up I-95 going into the double digits.

As you would expect the vibe amongst the faithful was as good as it gets (nothing beats an away day) as they turned The Linc's Lot E into an extension of RFK's Lot 8; there was music, there were chants, there was beer and most importantly there was sun.

There were also some cool people as well. I met Pamela, a proud fifth generation Washingtonian, and Jen from D.C. who were curious to see what Danny Allsopp was all about. Doug and Roy from Richmond, VA fed me beer (natch) while telling me it would be a little weird to see Fred in a Union kit but that it was time to move on since he's someone else's now.

Also from Richmond was a dude called Troy. He's in the garbage clip of random, random footage above. He wore a tophat which seemed a little formal for the occasion but f*ck it, it was his day so he can wear whatever the hell he wants.

As for the match, the D.C. support were in a seating deck so high up that even from the press box you actually had to look upward to see them. Basically they were seated in a pigeon coop. Mind you that didn't stop them from being their usual loud, ribald, passionate selves.

All in all, with the obvious exception of the score, it seemed like a good time was had by all who made the trip north in the name of capital city soccer. And as a neutral the presence of such heavy numbers and banter contributed a little something to the ambiance that we should all look forward to seeing more of between D.C., Philly and New York.

So to those that made the trip, thanks for adding to the atmosphere. And thanks for the beer.


Brian said...

Damn it, I was there with the Eagles and didn't see you. I even hung out with the Richmond/Barra guys for a while. The atmosphere was incredible, especially the parade into the stadium. The sound was amazing. Hope to catch up with you at some other game.

Anonymous said...

Uummm. They're soldiers from a Guards Regiment, not Beefeaters.