Photo of the Day: A Break in the Wall

The Gap

ScreamingEagles.com said it best when titling this photo "Impending Disaster". One look at that hole and you immediately begin thinking of large objects that could safely pass through it: an Escalade, Tom Cruise's ego, Kim Kardashian's glorious glutes, the entire borough of Queens for example. Those are just the things that come to my mind...my big ol' butt appreciating mind.

Now the other thing to note is the position of Troy Perkins. Scratch that, make it the out of position Troy Perkins. I'm not a keeper but shouldn't he be covering the side that the wall isn't? Either way he didn't and paid the price for it. And considering the price D.C. paid to get him back you have to wonder if there's any buyer's remorse now that he has given up 9 goals in only 3 matches. I don't say it often, but I feel for you United fans (especially the crew from Richmond he gave me a pre-game beer on Saturday).

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