OneGoal: Part Two

And now we get to the meaty bit of the sandwich. Part Two of the OneGoal saga finds my boys from the ESC & North Jersey Brigade coming at you live & direct from the belly of the beast: the Azteca Stadium. Well not "live" live but you know what I'm saying.

If you've always wanted stand and deliver in Mexico City but have never been able to get your sh*t together to do so (like this guy right here) this is your chance to live vicariously through the eyes of a few well-traveled, loud-mouth louts that I have been lucky enough to call friends; Brent taught me how to sing, Thomas is the most intensely passionate fan I have ever met (and hopefully will ever meet), Ed runs the NJB and always shared his sausages with me at the old tailgates in lot 16A at Giants Stadium and Corey is has played cruise director for many a boozy, footie-filled occasion...which is ironic since he's teetotaler.

It's a 10+ minutes clip so you'll have to carve out some time to watch it all in one go but it's worth it just to watch Chuck Davies' crispy goal and celebration one more time; I never get tired of seeing that no matter how many times I Youtube it. Probably my favorite goal ever scored by a Yank.


OleGunnar20 said...

i imagine there will come a day, probably soon, that the US will win at Azteca. that is going to be one interesting experience for the dedicated fans that attend. a perfect mix of euphoria at achieving the unachievable and the very real fear that you may have just witnessed your last soccer game as you die in an angry mob of 100,000 Tri Colors fans.

what a way to go tho.

SF said...

Yeah, I imagine we will live to see it...whether we get out of Azteca alive is a completely different matter.

Anonymous said...

I was just gonna ease in here, say,
" Happy Birthday Mr.Rules!"
and get to creepin.
But NOOOO, you had to go and get all backyard personal and now I'm dripping saltwater on my keyboard. This our life, brother. God knows what mundane, running-out-the-clock existence it may have saved me from. Nobody knows better than you the doors it has opened.

Somehow you just do your thing and manage to keep your boot off of the toes of others. When Facebook reminded me of another fine fella back in Bama who shares this birthday with you, it smacked me in the head how he is nearly your music making doppleganger. Both of y'all just easing like ribbon cane syrup down the side of a bissit. When his band, The Dexateens, hits town in June, i hope i can arrange a meet... The sons of syrup summit!
Happy Birthday Shawn,

Stanley said...

I'm so glad I found this video. Azteca was my first out of the country USA match. What an experience. I really thought we were going to do it after the Davies goal. If you have the chance and the balls every USA fan should make this trip.
The trip made my hatred for Mexican soccer worse that ever.