Oh Snap! There's a New FIFA Game Coming Out!

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa from EA Sports is coming very soon and packing a few significant tweaks, including making what was old new again. For the World Cup edition of FIFA they're bringing back old-school two-button controls but with the modern twist of adding a bit of intelligence to those controls. Check out the video and you'll see what I mean.

And as tradition dictates, the game will include the prerequisite soundtrack full of bangers including The Very Best, Fedde Le Grand, Future Sound of London and Miike Snow's ultimate end of the night, big-room anthem, "In Search Of". Can't wait.


ThisIsVictorKim said...

forreal dude, FIFA is ALWAYS on point with their soundtracks! definitely had added many a track from FIFA past to my DJ arsenal

Matthew Lee said...

I want to see a World Cup game that lets you replay every world cup throughout history. How cool would it be to go back and lead Holland to the '74 World Cup final as Johan Cruyff or win a World Cup as Pele or Maradona? It's something worth looking into, I think.

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