NSR: Doves "Andalucia"

I've spent the morning working out of the TOR World Industries Jersey Shore branch office and it has been an absolutely miserable, wet, cold morning. Basically it's Manchester-by-the-Sea down here so a Mancunian soundtrack seems appropriate; enter "Andalucia", the new video from Doves.

As I'm heading up to Harlem later this afternoon to check out The Don, Charles Rangel and Edgar Davids (yes, you read that middle name correctly) there's a good chance that there will be a seismic shift in soundtrack so watch out for that. Uptown Baby, Uptown Baby!


Jamie said...

New album out already? 'Kingdom Of Rust' was just last year.

equus said...

SF, we are on the same wavelength. Got this in the newsletter e-mail this morning.

Jamie, this is a single that accompanies a "Best of..."

Jamie said...

Thaaat makes sense.