NSR: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Bad Blood"


The anthem of the day here at TOR World Headquarters is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Bad Blood". It's off of their new album Beat The Devil's Tattoo, their first without drummer/headcase Nick Jago who has been replaced with Leah Shapiro out of The Raveonettes.

You pretty much know what you're gonna get with BRMC and the new album doesn't disappoint. Although if I am being honest the last record, Baby 81, was so unbelievably satisfying I don't think they'll ever top it with anything short of an album co-produced by God, Phil Spector's hair, Brian Eno, and Jamie XX. Still, the new record is better than most anything released in the first quarter of '10; definitely worth the download.


Anonymous said...

Great album.... great band. Just saw 'em at the 930 club last night and the ears are still ringing

Chip said...

'howl' is still my personal favorite album.