NSR: Aloe Blacc "I Need a Dollar"

The sun is shining gloriously over Manhattan today and the iPhone has this song on repeat & on blast. The perfect soundtrack to grabbing a bit of street meat and searching the city for Wilfredo Gomez*, "I Need a Dollar" is the theme to the HBO show How To Make it in America. Good show, better mixtape.

*Not a real person.


Jamie said...

This song has been popping up everywhere over the past few weeks. I like it.

prezoftheboroughboys said...

when i heard this song i thought wow, someone should put a verse on this... i must say this is a pretty good verse. TOR post it of you like it! [btw i am not pushing this artist just a fan of music]


Anonymous said...

someone's been watching how to make it in america.

Kylie Martino said...

Did you even read the post?