Marty B Meets FC Dallas

Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett is big, big man. Seeing him stand next to FC Dallas midfielder Martin Chavez is akin to watching Shaq step up to drop game on Snooki; you just know that whatever the big man is saying, the other person is going to smile and laugh out of fear of being eaten or crushed. Or in Snooki's case, dunked.

Bennett made an appearance at Dallas' Frisco training grounds yesterday and the club was kind enough to chronicle the whole thing, complete with inexplicable acceptance speech, for our pleasure. I'm not sure what sort of award an NFL tight end would be eligible for but if he's ever nominated for something let's all pray he wins; anyone who thanks Scooby-Doo, Kool-Aid and "FUBU...for making those clothes they used to make" is certainly worth a medal or trophy for the entertainment factor alone.

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Alan said...

You can take the word "dunked" many ways with Snooki.