How Does It Make You Feel?: A Song By French Avant-Pop Band Air and a Question for the American Soccer Fan on the Internet


So I was reading BrooklynVegan's recent post about Bloc Party's Kele Okereke yesterday when I was struck by how negative a large portion of the comments were on the both the post and the blog at-large. As I was reading I thought two things:
  1. Do these people even like music?
  2. These people sound like American soccer fans.
Hate me if you want, but I'm going to be straight up and say what we all know to be true: we, the American soccer fan, are one of the most negative creatures to ever come in contact with the internet. The only people that even come close to getting inside our 6 yard box of anonymous complaining, finger-pointing and uninformed half-guessed judgments are the political people and indie rock fans. Like I said before, hate me if you want but you know I'm right.

I'm not going to front and act like I don't belong in this boat. Like many fans and bloggers I have taken shots at people, players, clubs and calls in the past and I reserve the right to do it again in the future. It's like trying to stop drinking when you live in New York: you want to quit but it's just too easy when every night of the week there is an open bar within walking distance.

And perhaps that's the problem, that it's just too easy. It's easier for me as a fan to bring up every bad move a club has ever made when I decide that I've endured one loss too many than for me to think about any good players they've acquired, any facilities they've invested in or any perks they've ever dished out to me for my support. That's not me saying I (or you) shouldn't ever be pissed at a team, coach, player, administrative organization etc. That's just me saying it's often easier to be negative than positive.

As a blogger the same thing holds true. It's much easier for me to go negative than to go positive. I could (and have) slam something, make up/"report" some BS rumor or complain about a myriad of injustices, bad calls and colossal f*** ups for the sake of page views (something I'll address at another time) because it is loads easier than doing something truly original or positive.

In some parallel, indie music universe the hipsters (and I use the world with zero connotation attached to it as I understand that it is put-down for some and a compliment for others) commenting on BrooklynVegan are the bizzaro world version of us; they are reactionary, have more bad things than good things to say about something they allegedly enjoy and are often cowardly people who will say online what they will never say in person. They are the message board "troll". They are the anonymous wind-up artist/flamer in the comments. They are the MLS-centric blog run by the Euro-snob that see's their relationship with the league as something of an arranged marriage (they'd rather be with something sexier & European so they will forever compare the one they are with to the one that they love/want).

In short they are are me and they are you*; this is us in a different genre, people. How does it make you feel?

*Obviously they are not all of us. So if this is not you, ignore the post and go along with your day knowing that you are not as whack as I am.


Michael said...

I'm with you, SF. It got to the point that I stopped reading the bigsoccer boards, because of all the assinine "shut up!" "no, YOU shut up!" bullshit. Generally, comment sections are filled with uninformed hate. So I've just stopped reading. Hopefully (and ironically) this comment will not be construed as being one of that type.

Grawlix said...

I'm just gonna ask: what sports fans isn't this true of? I suspect this has nothing to do with soccer.

Jason Davis said...

Anonymity spawns negativity, and I'll always believe that.

Add to that the problem that everything is extremes, and there's your problem.

I'd love to know where the space between "apologist" and "hater" went, because I'm fairly certain there is some.

Jamie said...

I am emphatic about my love for music AND soccer...and being empathic about things like that is just not very cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_7eEY_9bg8

So, like, y'know, whatever.

Jamie said...

Oops. wrong one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI37OGm1ms0

andrés said...

Unrelated. SF, where'd you get that awesome picture you attached to this post. Is it bad that I think they look really cool?!

Cindy said...

i like this think soccer-wise i'm much more positive than negative. now maybe that's because i'm an RBNY fan and you had to be somewhat optimistic to stay cheering all these years... or maybe it's because i'm a chick? who knows?

Alan said...

As a Metro fan, can you really blame us Negatories when the team we follow has given us ample ammunition to go on a rant or three and pretend to know better for over 10 years? ;)

But you make a convincing argument.

Kea said...

NICE Air shout out brother. "Well, I think you should stop smoking"