Here's a Bunch of Talented People That I Would Like to Co-Sign On/Give the Kiss of Death To.

I've got to update the blogroll as it's gotten as stale as that day-old bread you see in the plexiglass case at a bodega. Here's a list of highly readable blogs/websites that I'm feeling right now. These are the folks who inspire and influence me on the regular. You might like them as well.
  • Hipster Runoff: total & complete bratty, immaturity in the most subversively intelligent manner possible.
  • JRodius: A straight-out funny motherf*cker. Check out his Hatin' From Hollywood.
  • ArktipIntel: art, fashion, literature and a bit of sport & music thrown in for good measure.
  • Animal New York: Editor-In-Chief Bucky Turco runs the city. Sorry, Diddy.
  • MatchFit USA: Jason Davis is alright by me. One of my new favorite footy blogs.
  • Granta: website of the high-faluttin' bound Brit-based literary 'zine of the same name.
  • Bill Archer and Dan Loney. 'Nuff said.

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