Hallelujah Houston!

We really should come up with some sort of traditional celebration/acknowledgment for every time an American soccer club, regardless of level, gets it's own digs. Something that we can all do, wear or display so that we can all give each other knowing nods on the street on days like today.

Oh you hadn't heard? The Dynamo received their final approval today for a house of their own in downtown Houston. It's kind of big deal so congrats and all that to Texian Army, El Battalon, Oliver Luck and the entire Dynamo organization. And if you read this Oliver can you figure out a way to make this baby air conditioned? If not you need to have free Anti-Monkey Butt dispensers in every restroom at the very least.

So who's next? San Jose, D.C. or New England? I want to say the smart money is on San Jose but at this point I'm beyond hesitant to go all-in on any of them. Regardless, it's a damn good day to be a fan, particularly if you wear orange.


Jared said...

Awesomesauce. Good on ya dynamo.

Brian said...

Grass? Yes?

Anonymous said...

to bad its not a house of their own, they are sharing it with a football team. It is just an upgraded stadium of what they already have.... pointless.

SF said...

Not really as the Dynamo will be the primary tenant. Note that PHP also hosts high school football.

Martek said...

You're right there SF. TSU will pay Dynamo rent, which is good for the team.

Nothing rhymes with Orange
But I'm Orange til I die
From far away
once came to play
and always fight
like champions
there's nothing we can rhyme with
so we have to make it up
but Nothing Rhymes with Orange
May the Orange win the Cup!

Dynamo Supports Alliance majordomo Eric read that aloud today in Harris County Commissioners Court as the county voted.

April 13, 2010, on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13, Houston no longer has a problem.

DC Cavalier said...

Glad for Houston.

I've been beating this horse and its still not running fast down the stretch, but DC will get a new stadium too when they play the game the way Houston did meaning pay for the lions share of their stadium.

The Dynamo is paying $60M of the $80M cost. Again, when DC is willing to pay for the majority of cost for a new soccer stadium, they will find its not as hard a hurdle to jump in DC the city.

Another thing Houston was smart to do. When wanting to build this stadium they aligned early on with Texas Southern University to share the stadium with. Politically for a city that has a large Black population, that created a segment of the city who would be allies for the stadium at or near downtown. DC United might consider talking with Division 1-AA Howard University to form some kind of a partnership for a stadium given Howard plays in a stadium on its campus that is smaller than some high schools in the area. Or, go out to one of the richest counties in America, Fairfax, and its 1M population, and also home to the largest university in the state of Virginia, George Mason University, that has been talking about starting a division 1 football program forever. Mason might be a great partner to have to build a joint stadium, and they have something Howard doesn't have. Land to build it on.

Having written all that, I feel DC United is in the unfortunate situation of now having a under funded and out of town owner in Will Chang who can't afford to pay for a stadium for his team, and is scrambling to find investors to keep them afloat now. Only saving grace I see for DC United is if somehow that great MLS Godfather, Phillip Aunshutz, decided to purchase the team back from Chang, and go back to his original plan of paying for a stadium if the city game him the land and paid for the infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

Martek said...
"You're right there SF. TSU will pay Dynamo rent, which is good for the team."

I don't think they are. From what I've read they are paying a one time 1.5 million to the Dynamo. If that's true, that is a terrible deal for the Dynamo. Hopefully after a few years they can get TSU kicked out. Please no stage.

DC Cavalier said...

For those who think its a bad deal they are sharing with a "football" team do you not realize that "THAT" football team is a large reason the Dynamo got the stadium? It very probable that Texas Southern's involvement swung the votes needed from the Houston City Council to have their $25 million sign off.

Besides is 6 Saturday home games going to kill the Dynamo? And while TSU may not pay rent, I'll bet the Dynamo will get to keep a large portion of parking and concession fees from games when TSU plays there.

I'm sure Oliver Luck and the Dynamo think they have a damn good arrangement with TSU as a partner.

Anonymous said...

Boo football lines