Friendly Rivals: How to Wind Up a D.C. Fan

So I was down in Philly for all of the madness/awesomeness of the Union's debut/beat down of D.C. United on Saturday. I've got a couple of different pieces that I'm working on that I'm trying to get out in the next 24 and while looking through some of the video I caught I found one of the funniest moments of the weekend that I didn't feel like waiting to share.

Sons of Ben capo @SOB_Corey is a truly funny S.O.B. But he is also a "diabolical hater" capable of unimaginable trash talk & wind-ups. When you put these two qaulities together it can make for excellent banter with away opposition, particularly when they've stopped by your pre-game party on matchday. Watch the clip above and you'll see what I mean as even the D.C. guys had to crack a smile at a few of his micro-sized banners; sh*t was cold, but sh*t was funny.

But it was all in good fun as the United supporters that ventured into McFadden's were welcomed warmly by the Philly fans (and this RBNY supporter) and everyone had a few laughs at each other's expense. Nice to see that with three I-95 clubs in such close proximity (sorry New England, hope you don't feel left out) that the rivalry can be left in the stands and out of the bars.


Jimmy Chowda said...

If you count NE in, the only part of the I-95 rivalry that doesn't have regular organized away support is DC-NE. You'll see smatterings of fans form each team there, but that's it. All other combination will have away supporter sections.

KCBnB said...

Should have added a "New York United" sign to his list. The Don is talking up a 2nd club in NY, might was well move one that can't build a stadium.

SoB_Corey said...

The look on the guys face at the end of it made it so worth it. I love winding people up!

the slammer said...

As the DC fan at the end, I have to say:

1) You hit us where it hurt!
2) Thanks for the hospitality from the SoBs pregame. It really added to the fun to be able to banter with other fans and enjoy giving (and receiving) some stick. And beer.
3) SF, nice to meet you, too!

Vamos, in good times and bad.