Edson Buddle is (Still) the Baddest Man in MLS, Today™


I lost my virginity to my second-ever girlfriend at the age of 18. Speaking to the first girlfriend years later, she said that she felt like "caller #8" because I held out on her (was trying to be a good Catholic boy and hold out for matrimony, but that didn't really pan out) and gave it up to the next girl instead. I wonder if Toronto FC, a team that has been looking to score since it's inception and Edson Buddle's last employer, feel like that these days?

It goes without out saying that EB14 remains The Baddest Man in MLS, Today. He was bestowed with this high honor last Monday and I really wanted to give it to someone else this week --Bouna Coundoul or Michael Fucito for giving their respective teams wins that they in no way deserved were the other candidates-- but we all know that I would be only lying to myself if I did.

I won't bother to remind you of his exploits because Baller Emeritus' Dan Loney and Bill Archer have addressed the topic 134X better than I could. Read them, you'll thank me. Or hate me, it could go either way really.

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Anonymous said...

Edson is that dude, nuff said.