The Best in Messi Tweets: 2nd Half Edition


@ZombieJaqua Messi could score at a celibacy convention.

@Mattbirnbach Messi is better in real life than he is in FIFA on the 360.

@julitolara The only thing #ChuckNorris is afraid of: #LionelMessi.

@STEIN_LINE_HQ Gap between Messi & everyone else is bigger than gap between LeBron & his main peers.

MFUSA Hunting down a new feed when Barcelona is playing is literally a race against time. OMG Messi could be scoring right now!

@ultracasual Could Lionel Messi be the one to convert the philistines here in the U.S.? He's a phenomenal talent.

@Derek_M47 So umm... Dilly Duka, Jason Garey and two Chipotle burritos for Messi and lets call it a day? Who says no to that?

@afootballreport #Messi is too immaculate to be captured by a Twitter feed. He's the Messiah, after all.

@N0DAK They should make Messi play with ankle weights.

@TheBigLead Argentina soccer history (i think): 1978- Won World Cup. 1986 - Hand of God goal, won World Cup. 1987 - Messi born.

@canucksabroad Jesus I love you for delivering Lionel Messi to me, but Justin Beber is the work of Satan's hand. Praise be to soccer.

@keikamara C'on Messi pass the ball...or jusssss yea that.

@JozyAltidore17 Seriously though how can you think Barca can lose against anyone when that kid is playing? No one is even close to being on his level.

@JenChang88 Well there are worse ways to go out in the CL. At least Arsenal fans can say "we'd have won if they didn't have Messi"...

@CrewUnion Messi is really good. Almost as good as Guillermo.

@JamesPJennings Is Lionel Messi the Black Smoke on Lost???


julio said...

Followed your trend all day ... it was an honor to enjoy #Messi w/ you. haha.
I posted a link to your site on my blog http://ohmyjuly.wordpress.com ... i'll be checking in regularly.

Anonymous said...

that arsenal game got Messi really quick