The Best in Messi Tweets: 1st Half Edition


@christoy so if Kaka belongs to Jesus, and Messi is blatantly owning Jesus, does that mean Kaka belongs to Messi?

@tyduffy Not old enough to have watched Maradona in his prime, but guessing it was something like this.

@ZombieJaqua ZJ wonder what score of game between Messi and Ditka would be?

@JenChang88 And there you have it, Lionel Messi future New York Red Bull in the year 2023. I'm calling it now.

@MauriceEdu The man scored a hat trick in the 1st half lol...silly kid hahaaa.

@jamiewatson22 this tweet goes out to @lionelmessi ...thank you for making real life seem like a video game

@hoover_dam jesus christ messi

@mbesler Messi. Is. Good.

@dannymwanga I am happy to be alive in this MESSI era. We are witnessing History people. PURE CLASS !

@alecko11 I don't have a dog at the moment, but when I do get one I have decided that his name is going to be "Messi".

@twofootedtackle Un. Freaking. Believable. That kid IS football.

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paulsepp said...

So he can do anything he wants on the field right now, the big question is if he can bring this to South Africa?