At Some Point TFC Should Just Get Tiga to DJ Home Matches & Start Bottle Service at BMO Field


Reason #171 that I can't wait until MLS Cup 2010 in Toronto: they seem to have an afterparty for everything. National team games, All-Star games...any excuse to pop champagne and T-Dot is all over it. Salt Lake City, it is not.

So why not throw an afterparty for the home opener? Who gives a damn that it's a Thursday night? It's been a long winter, soccer is back and DeRo is hosting so I can see no reason NOT to go out and drink your weight in Nuvo, shake your ass, holler at some scandalous piece of Canuckistani tail and make a late-night/early-morning trip to Tim Horton's on a school night. So do it Canada...do it for America.


Alan said...

Maybe this is why TFC, and the Canadian team are in such disarray. Drinking too many Labatt's & Molson's won't get you fit for Saturday. ;)

Anonymous said...

djs and parties? hey, that how we roll in the T-dot.