Another Day, Another Shot Taken at Mo Johnston

Is it just me or has The Score become the biggest instigator in Canada since Tie Domi? Hot on the heels of their 17 minutes in Ali Gerba-heaven video they've got a half-hour of former Toronto coach Chris Cummins just going off on the phone about MoJo and TFC. If you don't have a spare 30 minutes to watch the whole shebangabang, here's the highlights.

Ex-players, ex-coaches...how long before The Score phone up his ex-roommate, wife or haberdasher? No one is safe from the search for the truth people, no one.


Derek said...

It's Tie Domi. Just sayin'.

SF said...

Believe it or not I asked a Canadian in the office how to spell it and that's what he came back with. Thanks.

Derek said...

Sneaky Canucks. Probably a TFC fan. Never to be trusted.