Ali Gerba Airs Out TFC Dirty Laundry for 17 Whole Minutes

Sorry EB14, but people are going to quit talking about you for a minute. Former Toronto FC striker Ali Gerba has just given an interview to Canada's The Score in which he calls MoJo and/or Preki a "fraud", says that he's "not a rapist" and in no uncertain terms lays out that the team's lack of success is not the fault of the players or the club but the coach. So grab a gas mask and a hazard suit kiddies because the fallout from this may last a few days.

[H\T to The 24th Minute]


Anonymous said...

Mo is the problem with this club and Preki ain't far behind. Both Gerba And Julian De Guzman have now stated emphatically that Preki doesn't coach tactics. Well you can't win w/out tactics and you can't build a winning team spirit when the coach treats his players poorly either. Honestly, I'd sack 'em both.

... said...

ohh maahhhh' gaaahhddd' the league needs more controversy.

Alan said...

I agree with dotdotdot.

IMHO, It's rather interesting how a number of very good players cannot become good coaches.