Wizards Players, Staff Turn to Speed Dating to Get Close

Over the years many of us --including myself-- in the soccersphere have used Kansas City as a poster child for what's ailing the game in this country. Common gripes included "the jersey is ugly", "the team name is silly", "the stadium is too big" and, now, "the stadium is too small". Sometimes the argument may have been justified but half of the time the fingers were pointed out of sheer laziness. K.C. (nor any other market) is not perfect but I think it's taken more than it's share of the weight.

I can only speak for myself but I think the days of beating up on K.C. for off-the-field reasons are over. Something has changed in K.C. and I'll point the finger squarely in the direction of @RobbHeineman & his fellow owners as being responsible for it. With their regular video updates on the stadium construction to connecting with the fans via Twitter to helping to acquaint the players and staff through a speed-dating style happy hour, I get the sense that there is a new attitude surrounding this franchise. One that embraces intimacy with it's fans and within it's organization which can only be a positive thing.

Some of this is based on things I have seen or heard but a lot of this good feeling is just gut so take it for what it's worth. But in 3 years time I see this club as being utterly unrecognizable from what it was 3 years ago. And then the only thing quieter than the way they are going about the rapid construction of their unique new stadium will be the voices of those who cried out vainly to "move Kansas City".


Anonymous said...

Sorry SF. I'm still crying out "move Kansas City". Hell they couldn't even put their stadium in the right city. Let's see should we put it in the largest city in Missouri with a pop. of 2 million or in Kansas' third largest city with 147,000 people across the street from a Furniture Mart. Guess which this fail of a franchise chose. Their name alone is so childish and ridiculous I refuse to watch any game they're playing. Their FO just does not get how to market a pro soccer team. From zard cards to Dora the explorer appearances, to now speed dating. Ugh. Why oh why couldn't we just move this team across the state to STL.
AC St. Louis fans on Facebook = 13,240
Kansas City "Wizards" fans on Facebook = 3,388

And AC St. Louis is a minor league team that doesn't even exist yet. Oy.

tito said...

If we're using social media fans as a metric, WUSA has 250K followers on Twitter and their flagship team still folded in a year. Not the best argument.

And the happy hour is damn good idea. The more the people in the F.O. know the players, the better.

Anonymous said...

New stadium looks like it's pretty nice. And location is good despite being on the Kansas side. They have to do something about the name though.

Morry said...

November 18 2007- RFK Stadium MLS CUP 2007- I was taunted by at least 10 different groups while walking into the stadium wearing my Wizards jersey. "Move Kansas City" took a distant third to The Sons of Ben nonsense and the Houston clad fan who was already drunk pregame who simply looked dazed and said "KCWIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ?" then he turned to his mates and said "Didn't think we'd see a Kansas City fan today."

Although I don't live in KCMO anymore, I know those people are tougher than worrying about these idiots.


Anonymous said...

@ Morry:

You realize your whole comment there is just a KC fan admitting how pathetic his team is and then saying it's greater than STL?

I don't understand your comment. It's like saying "Yeah we suck, we're corny, everybody hates us, Kansas City's Great!"

Morry said...

nah its more like "we don't need ya" who ever the haters are, we don't need ya.

kansas city is a fine place with fine people and someday (Real Soon) they will show their class. I lived there and attended the matches during the apathetic Hunt Family rule, of which you can't understand.

Anonymous said...

"Although I don't live in KCMO anymore, I know those people are tougher than worrying about these idiots."

Have you taken a good look at Wizards fans? Tough isn't the word I would choose. A lot of happy mall walker girls if you know that I mean. Youtube it.

Morry said...

@internet tough guy

anonymous is a state of mind

BlacknBlueKC said...

It's funny how the KC Haters like to hide their identities. Why are you so scared to reveal yourself?

KANSAS CITY > stl > dc

Anonymous said...

"KANSAS CITY > stl > dc"

I'll have some of whatever your drinking

Kansas City Fan! said...

Funny thing about all those Stl wanna bes - you don't have a real, never have and doubt you ever will. You can kiss our KC a**! Oh, and you can play with yourselves on FB while we watch our stadium go up! Doh!!

Or better yet come on over here this weekend for the butt kicking and let's see how brave you are when you can't hide on the internet!

Es Brennt said...

Morry said "mates", KCF threatened violence. What's going on, are Kansas City Wizards fans going to be the next Columbus-style hoolie wannabes? Lame.

giaco said...

nah....they'll come up with regulations and rule the terraces just like the new Colorado FIRM. Also lame.

KC Mike said...

Lightning bolt!

Lightning bolt!

Magic Missile!

Lightning bolt!