Wizards Meet the Royals in K.C. Sports Pre-Season Bonanza

Much to the disappointment of my beloved father, I loathe baseball. Sure, I love the stadium dog and siting on my ass for a few innings on the rare occasion that I get to go to a game, but to watch it on TV is akin to death-by-"oh get on with it". I may be spoiled by the relative succinctness of a soccer match but it just seems to take those guys for-ever to finish a game. Plus, it's seems that , historically, a lot of the game involves fat men like myself standing in the sun. Seriously y'all, I can do that myself and it will suck; it sucks even more to watch a bunch of other guys to it on TV.

And isn't there something off about a sport that you can use a tobacco product while playing? Come on now. That only works in bowling because you can have a beer in the other so it's pretty obvious that the game isn't taking itself too seriously.

With all that said, I can appreciate the awesomeness of George Brett walking up to you and saying, "Hi I'm George Brett". He's sports legend and a great storyteller. I would just make sure to avoid a trip to the local steakhouse or Indian restaurant with him, lest you end up becoming a character in one of his more "colorful" tales.


Morry said...

Shame the Wizards have returned home, I was hoping to see a Royals' visiting the Wizards video next.

coachie ballgames said...

it'd be interesting to note what other sports soccer-fanatics are into. at first blush, hockey would seem like a natural fit, but i have no idea.