Villains: Who Do You Hate?

No matter what league or sport you follow, everybody hates somebody. There is always that one player, that one team that makes you want to scream like the long-haired dude out of Underoath. This past weekend I hit the streets and soccer-specific stadia of New Jersey to find out who a few Section 8ers and ESC members hate. Fans of Ben Olsen, you have been warned.


goddam said...

Nice work SF. Ben Olsen is the Denis Potvin of MLS.

Anonymous said...

I love how your MLS insider gig gives you fun fodder for TOR. And you thought you were just putting food on the table!

Amazed Daily said...

Maybe the ESC members will continue chanting his name for years to come.

The SACK Lunch Team said...

Ben Olsen is a legend. You guys are just jealous because you haven't ever won anything

Chest Rockwell said...

I'm so glad I'm not a New York fan, because I'd have to hate people who are actually modern heroes.

Friendly reminder: Olsen hat trick, 6/10/07 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOdsr0WUoYY

jamesey said...

for Galaxy fans, it's easily Sasha Klejstan.

1. he's a hipster
2. he makes the Yanks suck
3. he's chivas goat scum

Anonymous said...

All you fucks will just have to wait for NY to hate.
We haven't been this in love since the Galaxians dropped Mathis in our lap circa 2000. All of JTex's interviews took place at our banging new Iberian/Portugeeze hang about 8 blocks from the Arena in Newark. Cheap char-coaled kabobs and Super Bock on an outdoor patio with a skyline view of the Mothership will sate the hate every time.
+ we mostly just feel sorry for our homeless crackhouse Volks-hessian friends in DC.
Perhaps after the GooUnion spanking next month and Philthy phils channel GG Allin tagging RBA with their steak-ummy excrement... maybe then we'll get our hate suits out of mothballs.

PS: Fat Jesus for Governor!

Brian said...

Sacha Kljestan. Easily

Anonymous said...

Ben Olsen-- Chest said it all,
Hat trick against the Metrobulls
NY can hate but who have they had with Olsen's heart? (crickets chirping)