Video: Teal Gets Tagged

The last young player that I saw that was as composed as Teal Bunbury is Jozy Altidore. With both of those guys you never felt like you were talking to a young dude because their words alwyas come out sounding well thought out yet smooth and relaxed at the same time.

But I have never seen Jozy take a ball to the butt mid-interview so I'm not sure who wins the On-Camera Composure Cup out of these two. At first Teal almost pulls it off, only registering a slight look of surprise upon his face. But then he just gives up and laughs. The question now is "What Would Jozy Do?"*

*The answer is that he would be to busy selling bracelets to church kids to care.


Brian said...

Shame that he's not American. I think this kid is going to be a stud.

ERic said...

Even if he does play for Canada, I hope he does become a stud. We need more good competition in CONCACAF.