Video: 30 Minutes of Philadelphia Union

Now this is a treat for you Union fans. 30 whole minutes of hot, uncensored Philly soccer and MLS talk with Union honcho Nicky Sack. Not a bad get for the Philly PR staff and not a bad way to start out your Monday. Unless you hate Philly, MLS, Soccer or Nicky Sack. In that case DO NOT PRESS PLAY!

Part one
Part two
Part three


Anonymous said...

dood really think you have a stadium porn problem... get some help man... get it together!!!

ERic said...

Is it really worth getting past the very annoying, patronizing talking head to see all of it?

I almost vomited when she told me soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

Seriously, who wrote her script? Did they just mimeograph their dad's NASL(1) press release?

Anonymous said...

Glorious the UNION!

Anonymous said...

it's pronounced or-e-gen you east coast retards.

Binks said...

Philadelphia Whonion?

Anonymous said...

Any Publicity is better then none...and i think Sakiewics...did awesome... could care less what people like Binks say simply because the Union is here..and Here to stay!!