U.S. vs. Netherlands: The ESPN Preview

Here's Johnny Harkes and JP "I used to rep NY but now I'm down with 'Delphia" Dellacamera" with their $.02 on U.S. v. Netherlands. Somewhere in here they mention that this is not really about a result but more about evaluating players. Now I would think that typically by this point you would have things pretty much locked down but with the Davies & Onyewu recoveries possibly going right down to the wire there are still a few starting spots to be fought for. And now with the surprise appearance of Jermaine Jones in Amsterdam today it's fairly evident that the possibility of Jermaine Jones playing for the USMNT is not an idea that only getting discussed on messageboards and blogs. Could he really make an appearance in South Africa is he recovers in time?

I don't claim to know the answer to that question. I will say that if I am Mo Edu, Rico Clark or Kyle Beckerman I've got to play like a beast from now until May because if Jones does get healthy the player pool just got a whole lot deeper. I also think that if Jones, Gooch & Chuck D are healthy and match fit by the end of May the Yanks chances for success in June grow substantially. I'm not convinced that there is another striker out there that can run with Landon and work as well with Jozy, a centerback as imposing as Onyewu and a holding midfielder with the bite and experience of Jones.

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Anonymous said...

WHAAT!? My mind has just been blown, I thought this fool was beyond his expiration date. It seems like Charlie and Gooch fit would be miracle enough, dare we hope for some sauerkraut with that turkey and apple pie?

...i'm hungry now