Tony Parker Says Henry Wants To Come to NY


Brace yourself folks. The Soccer-Basketball Mutual Appreciation Society™ has joined the MLS transfer rumor circuit with Tony Parker, France's leading hoops export, commenting that Thierry Henry, one of France's leading footballing exports, will "definitely" play in New York.

The lucky S.O.B. who is married to hot-as-all-hell Eva Longoria and is, like, bezzie, bezzie mates with Handball Henry told Stefan Bondy last night that "he definitely wants to finish his career here.” So there you go...everyblogger* has just been scooped on potentially the biggest signing in MLS this year by a cotdamn point guard.

*not a real word.


Brian said...

That would be great for New York and the league. Hope it happens

Binks said...

No thank you.

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