The Thing About Week 1...

Real Winners

The thing that was awesome about Week One was that it happened. Period. When you think about where we, the American soccer fan, were at mentally just 10 days ago compared to where we are at now it's like we're all Sybil. Sporting mood swings like the one we just went through -from doom & gloom to "the morning after" glow- are no fun and thank God they don't happen often. But we got through it, there were matches this weekend and everything is right in the soccer-specific world.

Well not everything. D.C. United were beaten up pretty bad by the Wizards and their young British import Ryan Smith, who had a goal and an assist in his MLS debut. Seriously, who was that team dressed as D.C. United? The 2009 Red Bulls? Whoever the hell it was they didn't play anything like the D.C. United we all know nor did the Fred, Emilio, Gomez and Olsen-less lineup look anything like D.C. United.

Speaking of Ryan Smith and Red Bull New York, who had a better start to their MLS career? The Englishman or RBNY's Joel Lindere, both goal scorers this weekend? I'd call it a draw because although Smith has an assist over Lindpere, he was subbed out with an as yet to be diagnosed injury.

And judging from a few apologetic, early morning Facebook status updates, things didn't go too well for Joey Cannon in San Jose. Just let those feelings out cousin, let 'em out. Joining him on the MLS Real Talk Express was Union skipper & reformed communist Piotr Nowak, who questioned Freddie Ljungberg's honesty, and former FC Dallas winger Dave van den Bergh, who questioned the morals of some people in the club's organization.

Yes, the game is back with new players, new drama and new beef. I love it. It's like a new year of high school except that no one has to go to Shop class against their will. Can't wait until next week.


ericJ said...

Great games this weekend! I enjoyed all of them.

About Nowak....yeah knees in the back/ass/cleats to the ankle are not fouls...hrmm

Jason Davis said...

Vindication! I know I'm on the pulse of American soccer with the podcast when I'm talking about all of the same things SF is.

cesttoutvrai said...

I don't mean to bust on you too much, SF, but the MLS website is pretty rough right now. I trust you're working hard on the technical issues, but it does need a bit of a spit shine, too.

I'm sure once I get used to it I won't be nearly as annoyed as I ALWAYS was with the last one.

The video is killer, though.

SF said...


I am not because I'm on the content side, but yes the tech types are plugging away.

KCB said...

How bad is DC this year? Kurt Mor-Suck has a starting spot on the team. Have fun losing with Onalfo, America's "best" young coach.