Retro Video: Top 10 Goals of '98

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Remember 1998? Clinton was getting buck wild in the White House, Saving Private Ryan ruled the box office and people were actually still messing with Funkdoobiest. As for me I was in college, somehow living on only $12K a year and conducting my earliest experiments with whiskey & Shiner Bock. My goals at the time were to A) get a job in the music industry, B) retain my girlfriend and C) graduate...sometime.

In MLS the goals were a little different. They involved some really hairy players, some ridiculous strikes and balls*. Here's the best of the Lewinsky era courtesy of MLSsoccer.com.

*I had a goal that involved balls but it's not fit for print, mixed company or the eyes of the innocent.


OleGunnar20 said...

arrrggghhhh! the hair ... the haaaiiiirrrr! it buurrrnss my eyes!!

jamesey said...

I will never install ms silverlight.