Remember ThreeSixOne?


You guys know that above all else TOR is about the funny. If you want a 2000 word treatise breaking down the direct correlation between the MLS salary cap, the Third Eritrean Civil War and Disney's 4th quarter profits in 2009 this is not the place for you. But if you want to reflect upon soccer humorist-past, feel free to pull up a chair.

A few years ago soccer renaissance man Kenn Tomasch dropped a fake footie 'zine/FourFourTwo spoof called ThreeSixOne. It was only covers but that was all you needed. With features like "Ruiz: Is This Guy Annoying or What?", headlines purporting to inform us on "Phil Anschutz's Hi-Def Comedy Jam" and a contest to "Win a Trip to Dragon Stadium!" this was soccer-specific humor of the highest order. Sadly publication has ceased but you can check out some of the best covers at Kenn.com.


Anonymous said...

this stuff is pretty awesome

Brian said...

haha, pretty good stuff

on the topic of Ruiz: Did you secretly want to shake Rico Clark's hand for kicking him? Yes or no?

Alan said...

Not only did I want to shake Rico's hand for kicking Ruiz, I wanted to be buy him a friggin beer!

As for 3-6-1, I totally missed the boat on this little gem in the webosphere. Glad I got to see some of it.