Post-Soccer Career Advice for David Beckham

Becks. How ya doing baby? Now look here cousin, I know you're probably dealing with a lot right now with the bum leg and crushed World Cup dreams and all but I just wanted to run something past you. You ever think about going into comedy when this whole soccer career thingy is over? Not American comedy because it's too physical for a fragile fella such as yourself, but good old-fashioned, British comedy?

Seriously, after seeing your demo reel I think you could be massive. Bigger than Little Britain for sure but not nearly as big as Mr. Bean or as brilliant as the original The Office but you could still be pretty good. Just think about it; I could even represent you if you like. I know a guy who knows Barry off of East Eastenders so I'm well connected.


Bill said...

Stop it you silly billy!

Nick Poleto said...

Reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P842Tmi6lrc