Pilooski Outshines Becks in New Adidas Advert

You've probably seen the latest advert for Adidas Originals that's been doing the rounds. A follow up to that house party commercial from last summer, it's got Becks, Noel G., Ian Brown aka King Monkey, Snoop Dogg, DJ Neil Armstrong and whole bunch of other fabulously wealthy people who ooze "originality". But even with all those celebs in tow the real star of this clip is Pilooski.

If you are thinking to yourself "Pilooski? Who dat?", I'll tell you. Pilooski is this French DJ/producer that's pretty much the go-to guy if you want a fresh new edit of an old song. His reworking of "Can't There Be Love" soundtracks the ad and is currently in the heaviest of rotations on Radio TOR. He also did the remix of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons' "Beggin'" that was in the aforementioned house party commercial. Dude even manages to make Del Shannon, Can and Elvis kinda funky.

If you have a bit of time for a few rockin' rehashes of old-school obscurities, seek his stuff out on Hype Machine. And just for the hell of it and because it's Friday, here's that Frankie Valli re-rub one more time. Let's gooooooo!


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...
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Anonymous said...

ana ivanovic sighting!!! XD

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