Photo of the Day: Snooki Joins the Crewers


From the TOR NewsWire

(Columbus, OH) The professional athletic dancer community was rocked earlier today when photos of diminutive reality TV hussie Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi posing with The Crewzers set off a flurry of transfer speculation. The Crewzers, the official dance team of Major League Soccer's Columbus Crew, are rumored to be making an 11th hour push to acquire the Jersey Shore star before the March 25 transfer deadline.

Should the offer currently on the table --reported to include such perks as discounts on tanning, manicures & match day tickets, a salary reported to be as high as the low four figures and endorsement tie-ins with Ed Hardy and Smirnoff Ice-- turn out to be real*, the secretly Chilean "guidette" affectionately known as "Snookers" to her most ardent supporters would be hard-pressed to say no.

The Crewzers have not commented on the rumor but it is assumed they have the inside track on procuring Polizzi despite numerous attempts by her agent to sign her up with local side Red Bull New York. The New Jersey-based club currently do not have a dance team but Polizzi's penchant for the parent company's sugary drink mixed with vodka seems to be the motivating factor for her desired move to Harrison.

In related news, reports that MLS hopeful Mike Pezza will join the cast of the MTV reality hit Jersey Shore are also unconfirmed.

*It's not.


Pat from marlboro said...

I went to school with snooki, she is the typical, maybe more sluty but she gives a bad name to us. She has all the characteristics of marlboro grads, she thinks she is entitled because she graduated from marlboro, its sad

Dave in San Jose said...

In related related news, Max Rutkowski of Westerville, OH (seen at the far left in this photo) returned to his 3rd grade class the next day with a huge sh**-eating grin and reported to his classmates that older girls, while pretty, smell like Virginia Slims and Herbal Essence hairspray.

paulsepp said...


Hard Hat Mike said...

Any truth to the rumor that she followed New Jersey native and Crew #1 draft pick Dilly "The Finisher" Duka to Columbus?

Anonymous said...

Seriously. What's the story behind this photograph?