On Eddie Johnson, World Cup Roster, College Hookups


So I was all prepared to write something about how Bob Bradley has lost his mind by calling up Eddie Johnson for today's match. To call up a player that didn't do a thing in the last World Cup, the Championship League or the EPL and is now playing in Greece is crazygonuts. And to be fair EJ does appear to be enjoying a bit more success at Aris than he did at his last two teams but is Bradley really thinking of taking a striker who has been healthy but scored only 3 goals since January 2008 to the World Cup? Come. On.

Then I decided that he hasn't so much lost his mind as he is desperate. And having pulled several pieces of questionable, "last call"-ass back in college, I can relate to desperate. Especially because in this case his desperation is our desperation...yours, mine and that of the entire New Soccer Nation.

The USMNT will carry at least three if not four forwards on the World Cup roster and Jozy Altidore looks like the only lock at this point. If he's going to score, Bobby Blue Eyes has got to consider all options right now. He's gotta consider the young. He's gotta consider the old. He's gotta look at options both local and foreign-based. Basically he's not (and we're not) in a position to be picky. Trust me. I may not know all there is to know about soccer but this I know from experience; not to dive back into the more unsavory chapters of my collegiate sexual history but from my vantage point the similarities really are striking.

As far as Eddie goes, I was going to write something to the effect of one goal in Greece does not constitute a resurrection of scoring acumen. But now I'm thinking "Hey, he's got World Cup experience and he's scored as many goals (one) in 2010 as the next-best choice (Ching) so why not?" See, I'm trying to be positive about this because I not only want the Yanks to do well but I want to see him do well also; the only comeback that could top Johnson's would be Davies and as much as I am hoping and praying for the latter I wouldn't mind seeing the former as well.

We'll see what happens. EJ could mess around & score a brace today and set the message boards alight with talk off a return to his early-2000s greatness. Or he could do nothing to further his cause and we're back to where we were last Wednesday, wondering who if anyone will take us home. I don't know about y'all but I'd rather take my chances because often times if you wait around for someone to buy you a drink you end up going home thirsty. And without scoring.


Lucas said...

McBride is still the best American striker, if we can get him to come out of int'l retirement (again).

Eric said...

anybody but Findley please, omfg, what a waste of space. Or even better, how bout Bob just goes with 4-5-1. Stick on Edu or Feilhaber, Jozy lone striker, boom, problem fixed.

JIM said...

Honestly, I'm glad Bob gave Findley a run at it today. Jozy makes shit happen when he's got somebody faster to pair with, and him and Charlie making noise in the box creates those opportunities for Lil' Bradley and Clint when he comes off the wing. I'm psyched that Bob agrees with me and wants to put another speedy worker out there... sad Findley didn't do much.

In his defense though, they were asking him to hold the ball a lot, and he's never going to look good doing that against world class defenders. They throw him around like frisbee.

Brian said...

As bad as Findley was, I though EJ was even worse. Dude just looked freakin lost!

Brent McD. said...

Mr. Excitement scored in Greece yesterday